Spotify choose to provide feature stories for artists on the app

سبوتيفاي تختبر توفير ميزة القصة للفنانين على التطبيق

When Evan Spiegel launched a feature story on the app Snapchat never imagined the great success of this feature and even build great companies around the world on the app, after Facebook and its applications, YouTube, and other companies came round to Spotify, which has begun testing a feature similar.

Said Spotify it has begun testing a feature as the Storyline is working to provide a place for artists in the app to see the content looks like a story to talk about the songs or the content of the publication. Despite the time difference to limit it to artists only that the water is considered to be the clone to the method of presenting the story in Snapchat.

When confirmed that the test to TechCrunch on Android application and iOS, didn’t move the company from the date of the arrival update full users and did not explain whether the app will be released for all markets or will be within a specified range.

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