Spotify Connect adds a feature story

تطبيق سبوتيفاي يضيف ميزة القصصSpotify adds Story feature

Spotify adds Story feature

Administration has decided to apply the Spotify launch feature (Storylines) of the ad hoc that allows the artists themselves to share ideas behind the scenes around the songs found on the application.

Like the stories of Instagram, will give Spotify the artists complete freedom to share interesting facts about the process of making songs, where the card will appear (Storyline) at the bottom of the screen (Now Play Store), which allows you to travel on the card and read it while listening to the song.

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Will my card after some time, although you can stop it by pressing and hold on the screen, like the stories of the Instagram exactly will click on the right side of the card to the next part of the story, a while back clicking on left to the back.

The new update is present in other versions of the app on the Google Play Store

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