Spotify enter service in the operating system Wear OS application solo

سبوتيفاي تدخل الخدمة في نظام تشغيل Wear OS بتطبيق منفرد

In the arrival of a long awaited announced Spotify launched its application service musical Spotify Wear own OS hours smartphone operating system running the Google Wear OS, which will of course carry out the functions of the service in series across the yard.

Allows Spotify new exploration of musical tracks to different playlists as well as Save the songs library of your own music through the clock, and control the operation of the musical tracks also through the simple accents of a young man, and previous to that is able to manage the connection via Bluetooth speakers, laptops and other devices and change the source of operating quickly and directly by the property host for the new application which integrated in the Spotify Connect which represents the way the company to connect and control various devices with Bluetooth.

The application of Spotify Wear OS as can access and run music tracks in any way connected either via WiFi or LTE or Bluetooth, but it does not support a second operating mode non-contact which the company promised in her speech on the work to provide this feature in the future.

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