Spotify introduced a major update to its music service

Spotify has announced a major change in the course of the event in new York. First of all, the upgrade is aimed at users who use the service for free. Students will have access to functions that previously were provided only for a fee.

A brief overview of the innovations that were shown at the presentation:

  • Listening to music in the app now consumes 75% less traffic.
  • Users of the free subscription will have access to 15 playlists, which will be unique for each user because they are based on personal music preferences.
  • Previously free listening was possible only in the mode of “mixing”. Now users will be able to choose a specific track to listen to if it is previously generated by the app playlists.
  • Tab “Radio” has been redesigned. Now you have access to personalized radio stations.
  • Version of Spotify for tablets is even better: you can listen to any music restrictions in the form of “mode mixing” is no more.

Of course, we are still waiting and updated the design of the application on all supported platforms.

In addition, the company has shared, how many people are using the service at the moment: 71 million users pay, while around 90 million listen to music for free.

Interestingly, one of the things that the presentation not a word was said, is voice control, despite the fact that in the latest versions of applications is in full swing testing this feature.

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