Spotify is leading a campaign against the users who blocked ads


The company Spotify yesterday to disclose its financial results for the year 2018, as it has updated its rules and terms of use. And the new rules that ” analysis on the ads and in the service of the Spotify, or create tools to block the ads ” will lead to account termination or suspension.

According to a report from last year, we’re 2 percent of the users of Spotify and use apps or accounts you disable ads between songs. Send the system to your company’s e-mails to users with unusual activity to uninstall the software ad-blocking, but in case of their refusal, the Spotify the termination of their account.

Company will begin the Spotify deal of rules and conditions is new as of March 1, will allow the company to skip the warning message and move directly to the stage to disable the offending accounts.

Yesterday, announced Spotify it’s own 207 million monthly active users, and approximately 96 million of them pay their benefit from the advantages of the excellent which also blocks ads. Thus, this means that the number of users who use the free reach 116 million, representing an increase of 24 percent compared with the same period of the year 2017, and by 6 percent compared with the second quarter. The company received revenue of $ 175 million euros, or about 1.50 euros per user.

If the users ad positions to abandon those software that you block ads or have decided to participate in the plan premium, it will lead to the lifting of the proceeds from each user to 7.50 euros on average, and thus this would raise the revenue Spotify is theoretically not ranging between 3 million euros and 15 million euros.


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