Spotify launches its application, the new children’s music Kids

Announced the service (Spotify) Spotify on Wednesday announced the launch of a new application on behalf of (Spotify Kidz) Spotify Kids that its name implies that it exists for children, and aims to provide a safe space for them to discover, listen to audio recordings.

The app – which is required as of today in Ireland – more than 6,000 recording with audio, added, all under the supervision of the team of editors of Spotify. And for younger children, the app will be limited to things, like the sound of Disney characters, songs about dinosaurs, children’s stories. In the case of the parents choose application settings on older children, the app will add voice recordings to suit the age, including songs, singers, celebrities.

Confirmed Spotify that the app will introduce children to any audio recordings bring the weapons, and violence, may change registrations by geographical area, in different languages, of course.

And needs the app to work the user should have a subscription to Family Premium Family, who longed for 14,99 USD a month in the United States. And partly, you won’t know the application (Spotify kids) no ads, a feature exclusive to users with paid subscriptions. This; it will calculate each account for children of between the accounts of the six allowed in the contributions to the family.

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To maintain privacy, the company confirmed that it will not collect any geographic data, and parents can delete data associated with accounts of children at any time. However, will the company maintains data relating to the quality of the songs that listens to her children, but it will not sell or share with any third party for the purposes of advertising, she says. But it will be shared with external parties for other purposes, such as connecting children’s accounts with the TV.

Is available the application (Spotify Kidz) on both AndroidandiOS, it seems that a simplified version of the Spotify platform, as it stands out the colors and characters for children to enjoy.

It should be noted that the app is now available in beta, and intends to Spotify launched in more markets later. She said it took two years to work on (Spotify kids), and consulted the experts, the content of the children while you work on it. It is aimed at children aged between 3 and 10 years.

Spotify launches its application, the new children’s music Kids

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