Spotify lets skip ads to ordinary users to test the new feature

سبوتيفاي تًتيح تخطي الإعلانات للمستخدمين العاديين لاختبار ميزة جديدة

Offering Spotify services are free or paid, and of course like other well-known services are putting ads in front of users of the free service to improve the financial return from it, was those ads are mandatory and cannot be skipped in the former, only that the company is currently allowed to skip ads in users.

The company began testing a feature that allows ordinary users to skip ads and to send their comments on them without limits, so in order to access to the effective way in advertising targeted to improve the income of the bigger ones compared with the way previous declarations.

Comes water under the name of the Active Media or a media is effective, and it is expected to help the company analyze the quality of the advertising that audiences will want in order to target ads to specific later.

And, of course, not to skip the ad or send his comments about his company means that the user is completely satisfied with it, so the company will continue to promote ads similar to it, except in the case reported.

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