Spotify: over 2 million people are using the service illegally

According to the publication Reuters, the world’s largest music streaming service in the world is now experiencing not the best times. In early March the administration of Spotify has been audited user accounts: more than two million people use modified versions of applications that allow you to skip the ads and unlock all features with a Premium subscription.

As stated by Spotify, this “pirate” apps reduce performance and create confusion in the counting of users who honestly pay for a subscription. For service, this may have serious consequences which the company may suffer losses and lose the confidence of investors.

As for platforms, it is primarily concerned with Androidbecause iOS does not allow to put apps to bypass the App Store. For example, to install these modified apps on iOS it must be signed with a special developer certificate, which you must purchase from Apple.

However, the administration of Spotify have already taken decisive action: all offenders who somehow interacted with an illegal version of the program, has already sent warning email, but their accounts are temporarily frozen.

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