Spotify redesign the section “your library” focused on the podcast

سبوتيفي تُعيد تصميم قسم "مكتبتك" مُركّزة فيه على البودكاست

Announced the Spotify service “Spotify” on the re-design of the section “your library” for users to the owners of subscriptions, which prevents all of the musical tracks and podcasts their own, so that now each of which contains three main tabs, so that you can click on it or simply scroll between them, on the face of the podcast would be the user has now the option to view new episodes of the presentations that follow and those that didn’t listen to it in addition to an overview of all presentations have in common.

In the music section, you’ll find tabs for playlists, artists, albums, that includes the last two of all the artists and albums that are my favorite, and the other includes playlists that impressed and its creation, as there is a new playlist called “Songs I like”, which include all the tunes that you clicked the right heart.

In the absence of contact data as well as connection to a WiFi network, the app will now re-arrange playlists to highlight the ones that you have downloaded to listen to in offline mode.

Finally, comes this update for the podcast prominently separate within your library service, it is no secret that the company is conducting everything on a podcast, where in recent months, bought the studio Gimlet Media, the famous and the creation of the podcast Anchor, and in the last week, it announced a deal with Barack and Michelle Obama in order to create audio clips and exclusive, while yesterday in a new playlist called Your Daily Drive, which blends music with sound broadcasting.

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