Spotify reveal on the new free service its musical


Frequency in the past that Spotify is planning to reveal the plan to free the service music. The company already has a free ad-supported and users in what they can do, which is what encourages them to buy a subscription in the plan of that open everything and ads.

However, if you insist on using the free service of Spotify, you’ll be pleased to know that the previous rumors were true, because Spotify has today the launch of the plan new free. One of the features that were restricted in the area of the former was to listen to on demand, but that changed somewhat with the new free where Spotify to enter the playlists on-demand, where users can select and choose the songs in the playlists selected.

Become Spotify more personalized as well according to the company, it is stated by saying : ” When the registration in the service, we’ll ask you for the artists who love them, and curated playlists are compatible with your musical taste, playlists, ad hoc, such as the Daily Mix. You can easily access new playlists and such on the new home screen, which is always updated based on the habits of listening have you “.

There will be also feature the ” Data Saver“, as John called it, will lead to reduced consumption Internet Data your mobile during the broadcast songs. Must be these changes are already available now, so if you use the free service of Spotify, it might be good for you to check them out.



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