Spotify settle the issue with Wixen $ 1.6 million for violating copyright

سبوتيفاي تسوي قضية مع Wixen بقيمة 1.6$ مليار لانتهاكها حقوق النشر

The company raised Wixen Publishing the real case against Spotify last year to claim her compensation of $ 1.6 million for violating copyrights for tens of thousands of musical tracks without having a license so where back the rights of publication and distribution لـWixen, and Spotify for Financial this issue with Wixen away from the courts, but without disclosing the amount which the impact came out of both companies made a joint statement stating their agreement on the termination of the case and withdraw support once and for all.

It is clear that the arrival of the parties to resolve this issue betrays a future partnership between the two will be significant benefit to both parties, taking into account that the withdrawal of Wixen to what it was only by agreement of the disease and in solving the problems of the license to use the tracks in addition to compensate the financial us up, of course, the extent of 1.6 billion, but it seems appropriate and will be in the scope of the compensation for the predecessor of the violations and the gesture of buying an extended business in the future.

It is reported that Spotify SOT the issues of violations similar to last year with the book of songs amount of$ 43 million, to today to and similar out of the courtroom with Wixen, but without knowing the details of the greatest for a moment about the agreement or the value of the agreed amount.

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