Spring 2004: the rising prices of electronic components, G5, jobs

On Monday 19 April 2004 Apple as if nothing had happened, updated models of iBook and PowerBook. They have become more affordable and more powerful, but the PowerBook G5 was never announced. And waited…for a few years, Apple taught customers to the fact that twice a year, in spring and in autumn, portable Mac and become more powerful, and sometimes cheaper. Time updates was chosen wisely: in the spring, as a rule, the school got rid of the remnants of their annual budgets, their fiscal year ended on the last day of June. The autumn update was a preparation for the festive season.

Year after year, instilled reflexes: in due season “to eat”. That is, to observe the evolution of portable Macs.

In early 2004 spring update was under threat. There were several reasons. None of them Apple was not to blame, that had no value.

Nevertheless, on April 19, Monday (and according to some sources, April 18) Apple, as if nothing had happened, he organized and held a “day of portable Mac”. And though the dreams of the most dedicated and advanced fans never came true, the event did not disappoint.

Except that the crazed Apple, which wasn’t much. I even thought that Apple fans were mad, and the money competitors of the company, so some of their antics have harmed Apple.

We all waited (impatiently) PowerBook G5, appearing in Macs PowerPC with a clock frequency of 3 GHz, the real information about the PowerPC promised sixth generation, they told Steve, who have personally seen the prototypes… But it did not happen. So, not now.

And now – about the reasons, threatening the annual spring update…

The growth of prices on electronic components

For at least six months, prices for electronic components grew. Computers and intelligent home appliances has experienced a boom, manufacturers have their e-filling did not have time (hard to believe), not trying to solve their financial problems by raising prices…

Computers and gadgets still flew like hot cakes, and end the Orgy was not visible. Normal companies saw in all this no problem: buy good buy…

And abnormal (in 2004 such, except for Apple, no more) reason to submit to force majeure is not wanted. Apple fanatics aren’t the ones who are shouting the right slogans at Apple events.

The real fanatics have been working in the engineering departments of the company like the others there just not fall. And those who were able to deceive ludowego the Apple of HR (Human Resources between us is the most important natural resource of any country), those do not stay long. A really interesting job, almost continuous all hands on deck, very high standards… And almost the lowest level of wages in Silicon valley.

What I?

According to David Russell, who headed the Department of portable Macs and WiFi technologies Apple Computer in 2004, the company acquired components where all, and at the same price. Bulk discounts for very large quantities is, of course, but other large consumers of memory and hard disk prices were not lower.

The updated model portable Macs have brought the company profits: maintaining and even lowering prices was not a purely political exercise class “evil mother frostbitten use”. This is the result of deliberate and hard engineering work.

Cost reduction without compromising quality and at the same time increasing power… How familiar! Remember: “the economy must be the economy” “five years of quality”…

But David like justified to colleagues from competing companies… They actually managed to reduce the cost. Others could not, or did not strain.

PowerPC G5, G6 and so on

I can’t find a single document. Remember it well, I wrote about it in 2004 and 2005 (and those articles have disappeared along with the iron, which was stored)…

This document was one of the most inspiring works in the genre of science fiction in the entire history of the genre. The author is someone from the marketing services of IBM or Motorola, maybe it’s a group of authors from both companies.

Fifth generation PowerPC (PPC 970, G5), have passed on technology of 90 nm (or 0.09 µm) is only the beginning. Further, up to the 11th generation (the document ended on the G11, I remember), to 7 nm (in 2013!), to tens (hundreds?) of cores on a single chip. About emulators that will emulate the Intel processors with a higher performance than Intel themselves.

The text was short but exciting. And after all… Motorola’s microprocessors was something like Apple computers: clean and elegant design of its products was widely known. And IBM has repeatedly distinguished itself on the forefront of science and technology. I believe. Because I wanted to believe it.

This document was given to Steve jobs during a meeting with the heads of IBM and Motorola. During the meeting Steve showed samples of existing processors and the fifth, according to the journalist, in whose hands by chance (!!!) got this document, almost G6. However, as journaist found out about it, I have no idea.

The result is known: Apple engineers, over several years, tried to tame G5, and to construct a portable computer, able to withstand the fiery bird. It was impossible. No custom brilliant solution did not help.

A “miracle” – a wonderful new laptop, a decent user of Apple technology has already been developed and ready for birth. He waited for the miracle of the processor, without which it is outstanding (2004) parameters was unattainable.

This laptop still came out. Two years later, under a different name. It was…

Steve promised 3 GHz G5 PowerBook in 2004, agonized over because of this. He even publicly apologized for his unwitting deception. But he himself was not very…


Another valid reason for which annual spring update portable Macs could be put off was Steve.

It is believed that all successes and uncommon expression Apple owes Steve that the angel of death roamed the corridors of Apple, dismissing poorly hidden employees. I’m surprised that none of the dismissed have not created a fun “shooter” horror on the subject. It would be a success.

But even if it were true (about it wrote, but in fact this was not), an update to the portable line in April 2004 would not have been possible.

Steve was “on sick leave”. To cope with the disease by meditation, fasting, and methods of alternative medicine failed. Opinions of oncologists were divided. Almost everyone is convinced that Steve, abandoning operations in the first months (when the probability of a successful outcome were very high), actually committed suicide. Others disagree, citing no less valid arguments…

One conclusion: it is better not to be sick. The rest is as lucky.

The peak of Abraham occurred in those months when Steve did not appear in the company. If all this was done under duress, under the yoke of unbearable Steve (despite the fact that any of these experts easily would work at any company in Silicon valley, at a significantly higher salary), they would react to the disappearance of the strict control. I checked many times…

They worked as always, and did, according to David Russell, impossible.

They did…

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