Sprinkle azhari as Head of the financial sector Vodafone Egypt

Vodafone Egypt today the appointment of rasha azhari as Head of the financial sector of the company, and in the changes of the new leadership network of the first mobile in Egypt.

According to the press release, joined the workshop azhari Vodafone Egypt in 2003, and culminated in the leadership of the police, and the Jewish community for more than 18 years of experience in Finance and financial planning before taking over the leadership of the financial sector, Vodafone Egypt, which is one of the largest companies operating in Egypt.

And set the pinch azhari, stated Alexander froman new CEO of Vodafone Egypt said :” I look forward to working with rasha-azha as a young man new to the financial sector Vodafone Egypt, to their ability to achieve the company’s objectives in the coming period, added froman that the pinch of cadres that have been trained and prepared to be within the Executive leadership of the company, these changes reflect the faith of Vodafone Egypt, training of cadres and the empowerment of women and Youth for leadership positions as part of its strategy.

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