Spyware is capable of stealing your data is the cloud of Apple, Google, and Facebook

Developed by the Israeli police (NSO Group), which stands behind the penetration of WhatsApp earlier this month, a new technology that can steal the user data of Apple; Google; and Facebook; and Amazon, and Microsoft.

According to assess the Financial Times, the company has now developed software Pegasus (Pegasus) in order to collect a much larger set of information stored outside the phone, in the cloud, such as the full record of the data of the target position or archived messages or images.

The new technology – when installed on the target phone – through copy login data for various services, such as Facebook Messenger; Google Cloud; to and; others, and then use a separate server to emulate the phone, including its location.

Is this server All information, including correspondence; photographs; a record of the site, from the connected device, and returns it to the operators of the surveillance.

This operator control access to cloud data for those applications without being prompted to authenticate the binary or the arrival of a warning to the email of the target person.

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This technique works on any device that can infect his software (Pegasus), including many of the latest iPhones and Android smart.

And technical access constant to the data on the cloud from computers, laptops, tablets, and phones – even if you remove the software (Pegasus) from the Target smartphone.

The report further indicates that the number of persons who might be sensitive to their cloud has been consumed by this modern technique is not yet known, although it seems that the parent company (Q-Cyber) to buy (NSO Group) has provided services to the government of Uganda.

The (NSO Group) to work with governments to install the software trade (Pegasus) used by intelligence agencies to obtain private data from the smart phone people.

Feature software business (Pegasus) the ability of the advanced to break the protection of the mobile device the source or disable it, and run the phone’s microphone and camera, and scanning emails, SMS, all kinds of sensitive information.

In response to statements the company has made clear that Amazon did it find any evidence that the company’s systems, including customer accounts, may have been accessed by software, but she said she will continue to investigate the problem and control.

In the said Facebook: we are reviewing these allegations, Microsoft said: if our technology is constantly evolving to provide the best protection to our customers, and urged users to keep their devices, and Google rejected to comment, but Apple acknowledged that it’s possible that the tool is working NSO on some infected machines.

Said the Apple to the newspaper The Financial Times: although there are some expensive tools to carry out attacks targeted at a very small number of devices, but we do not believe it is useful in large-scale attacks against consumers.

The company explained that the system is operating one of more computing systems the safest in the world, and they determine the system operational and security settings regularly.

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