“Square Off”.. chess magic became real

Representative American of the late Robin Williams (1951-2014) was a very popular film produced in the nineties called “Jumanji.” Jumanji, talking about the Magic game is to fling the dice (cast stone) to move the game pieces automatically on the patch, as there are films inspired the world of the Thousand and One Nights Magic, made a checkerboard magic move the pieces without human intervention. Now chess Magic a reality!

If gaming on PC, smart phones special kind of magic, the use of the possibilities of artificial intelligence AI in games concrete increases its excitement and charm, and these games of chess, “the square of” Square Off.

No different form of chess “square off” Square Off for any chess else, but it is in fact chess is magical, you can play with AI or with a real person in another city or country, to move the chess pieces of their own on the chessboard.

Other smartphone “square-off” the application of smart, lets the player choose between the 20 level of difficulty when playing against the artificial intelligence, and through the app, can anyone in the world to play with any real person, in addition to other possibilities within the app to ignite the competition, such as set a specific time for the change in motion of one.

And moving the chess pieces “square off” thanks to the magnets in its base, the other charger to the electricity network port, can buy chess “square off” on the site of crowdfunding indiegogo at a price of 329 $ (6,000 pounds).

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