Square Trade says that the +Galaxy S9/S9 more solid than the +Galaxy S8/S8

galaxy S9

These days will be rough on phones Galaxy S9 and +Galaxy S9 because everyone wants to runs tests falling on them. The company Square Trade in extended warranty, so it is important for the company to know the suitability of these two phones, which by Samsung in recent years.

The conclusion reached by the company Square Trade is that the Galaxy S9 is more solid than the Galaxy S8 and iPhone X. The bad news is that this doesn’t make it solid enough to survive the fall. In fact, the fallen one is enough to break the glass used in phones Galaxy S9 and +Galaxy S9.

Company Square Trade has also conduct a test of the crease for the phone Galaxy S9 and +Galaxy S9, and found that the phone Galaxy S9 bend in the range of 210 pounds of pressure, while the phone +Galaxy S9 bend in the range of 230 pounds of pressure. In the end, I got the phone Galaxy S9 on the classification of ” Medium Risk ” with a score crash 71, while I got the phone +Galaxy S9 on the rating ” Medium High ” with a degree of crash at $ 76.

Here are some other numbers for comparison. Got the two phones Galaxy S8 and +Galaxy S8 on the ratings of 76 and 77 respectively, while the Galaxy Note 8 on the partition 80. Late last year, it was the iPhone X has bucked expectations after the evaluation is impressive, which is 90 out of 100 on the scale of brokenness.

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