Stadia Pro free from Google for 60 days

Stadia Pro مجانا من جوجل لمدة 60 يومstay pro free from Google for 60 days

Stadia Pro, platform year Google Famous, which was launched in the second half of the previous year, became available now, free for two months, after which they are a monthly subscription if you want.

Service allows you to stay Pro-access to nine games, like Destiny 2 and Grid, also you can buy other games if you wish.

Stadia Pro free

After the end of the free period you will have to pay $ 10 a month to continue the service, you can of course get out of the whole program if you wish.

To help reduce internet traffic (that reaches the highest level at all these days), Google has made improving the settings of the broadcast platform states default to 1080p from 4K, although you can still choose a higher resolution if you wish.

You can now register in the site and start enjoying free

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