Star networking sites… the most important, influential already or just announcing it?

We see in a recent social media activists and celebrities, or the so-called “Stars and social networking sites” entering the world of marketing from the wider doors, or see them marketed their phone, sometimes a restaurant, sometimes address political. Do these “stars” tool in the hands of the companies after they left their activity on social media? And are they actually have influence in their communities, or just the celebrities?

But before answering this question let’s recall that the people they were before the era of internet and social networking sites are affected by a lot of what’s displayed on television, cinema, and some taken from the “stars” big-screen role model in a lot of things, leaving their taro imitate them in their appearance, and sometimes in their actions. This is normal, given that the imitation of the characteristics of the human psyche, which is handy if the do right, the little children in the early years by imitating adults, especially parents, then continue the tradition in human life in the age of different.

The beginning of the stars social networking sites

With the faintest glitter large screens under the glow of the star of the social networking sites since more than 10 years, we began to see the characters rush many to imitate, but they believe it in a lot of things. According to a statistic published by the website Invesp, 40% of consumers said they bought a product online after they saw one of the stars of social networking sites has bought it? He said 72% of respondents: they trust the products of a company had been recommended by one of the stars, while 49% of consumers on product recommendations and share success in their buying process.

Can be classified promotional products through the star social networking sites as a form of marketing to the unconscious mind. Over the centuries, seeking brands and advertisers to the formation of the ideas of consumers and their attitudes and behavior, even without be aware.

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Star effect of social networks on advertising

After understanding the role played by the Star media sites, you may wonder: who are these “stars” of the alleged, and why this becomes a form Hidden of online advertising is more prevalent in online marketing? And most importantly, how can explain this trend through psychology?

In case you missed the extent of the influence of stars and social media celebrities, take a look at the impressive figures contained in a recent study published their results site, it increased the term (marketing success) increased by 325% in searches on Google throughout the year 2017, which makes this method the fastest growing online during that year. It is likely that this trend will continue in the future, as it seeks to about two thirds of the circuits marketing to increase its budget for marketing success over the next year. Overall, get the marketers, on average, for every dollar spent in the marketing campaigns success on the 7.65 USD.

The service share photos and videos Instagram is the largest platform for marketing by the stars, has seen 2017 more than 12.7 million promotional publication posted by one of the stars. According to another statistic published by the website Invesp, the marketing success provides a return on investment higher by 11 times compared to traditional forms of digital marketing, believes 94% of marketers who use a marketing success that the tactic is effective.

How companies distinguish stars from others?

But how do companies distinguish stars from others? How different stars who have been sitting are not potential customers?

Different stars and social networking websites on Star TV and cinema, they are people of the general public, but they have the love to do something that involves him with people, including several areas, such as: cooking, fashion, comics, games, and much more. And because a lot of people accuse the those of success, making companies cooking are moving to marketing via Star cooking, and fashion shop by fashion stars.

But the most important question about those stars? The most important star really or are they just announcing it? And how it is measured the extent of their influence.

Follow through you to the number of stars you find a discrepancy in the extent of credibility, there is tells the phone company what the words of the sonorous make followers believe him and threatens to buy that phone, but it is just a declaration, since that Star does not use a phone that the police in his daily life, but uses the phone to another company. In contrast, there are stars keen to maintain their credibility, asserting explicitly when advertising about a product is that this is just paid advertising through the use of tags like #ad or #sponsored.

The bottom line

In the end, we can’t ignore the impact of celebrity social media on purchase decision follow-up? the But the credibility of that person and most important what makes us buy what they know not.

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