Starship Elon musk may be more of a disaster for Mars than step in space exploration

Elon Musk is a genius, playboy, philanthropist and founder of private space company SpaceX, recently unveiled its new spacecraft under the modest title of Starship. It is designed to carry up to 100 crew members and passengers. And Starship (or its future versions) will have to participate in so hotly-anticipated mission to Mars. But whether Starship is designed to bring only good? Optimism in this case is not shared by all.

Starship closer to the moment when mankind finally reaches Mars

How Starship can harm the Mars?

There are plenty of reasons to believe that SpaceX will succeed in the field of space exploration. The company has shown extremely impressive growth in the plan, making even that could not NASA. In particular, the Mask succeeded in creating reusable rockets. But now it’s not about them. The launch of the Starship to the surface of the red Planet is planned to be producing in 2024. Moreover, Mr. Musk wants to build four or five versions of the Starship in the next six months. And the first rocket to orbit the Earth and even earlier. This is a very rapid development.

As stated in his article astrobiologist Samantha Rolf, if life exists somewhere else in our Universe, the Solar system is a good place to start the search. Along with some moons of Jupiter and Saturn, Mars is one of the main contenders for the presence of some microbial life now or in the past. However, there is a risk that people carrying the germs and roaming the red planet, can “infect” her. And this pollution can threaten extraterrestrial organisms, if they exist. It can also make it impossible to ascertain whether any microbes are discovered on Mars “local” or earthly in origin. It is expected that mission to return samples from Mars to Earth will be completed by the beginning of 2030-ies.

Is there life on Mars? Perhaps we will soon see

Of course, one could argue that there are strict protocols that help to minimize the chance of infection. They were initiated in 1967 and must be strictly adhered to both governmental and non-governmental organizations. But can we be sure that, pushing the boundaries of available space in such a short time, “angles” will not be cut or standards will not be lightly abolished? After all, to follow the protocols — so to stretch the time of the space program.

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Of adds fuel to the fire but here’s the thing: neither on the SpaceX website, or just in the Internet there is nothing that would indicate that SpaceX comply with these rules. Besides himself, Elon Musk has declared literally the following:

I don’t think that some earthly bacteria can easily migrate to Mars. And if there’s any life on this planet, it will be located very deep underground. So don’t worry.

Other moral issues

You can write what you think about this in our chat in Telegram, and we will continue and tell you about. Another issue is the health of the people who go to Mars. Deep space is not devoid of dangers, but, at least, working in low earth orbit, on the moon and the International space station, Earth’s magnetic field provides some protection from harmful cosmic radiation.

Mars has its own magnetic field, and its atmosphere provides almost no protection. The astronauts will be exposed to radiation on the surface of Mars and in space for a six-month journey between planets. Although work in this area, the technology of radiation protection lags behind the required standards. And this must have something to do.

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