Starship pay a bunch of robots to serve the students of George Mason University

The corporation Starship Technologies emerging to pay a group of robots allocated to service the students of George Mason University, which delivers snacks to the students.


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The development of the robotic technology is rapidly lately, as the stress began to introduce Android in a lot of services in airports, restaurants and other sites, today began European company arising know بStarship Technologies Pay Android also to the campus.

It is estimated that Android works with Starship Technologies to serve the students of George Mason University, in the delivery of snacks and drinks, where she presented a Starship number 25 robot to the campus, where he supports the design of the robot 6 of the wheels.

Also confirmed the Starship that Android will be initially on the provision of light meals ranging from pizza, or drink Starbucks, or a Dunkin, and the meal cost $ 2 almost.

Have been testing Android with Starship already in other locations around the world, as already used in some services such as DoorDash, and Postmates, where the features Android the design allows self-direction on the sidewalks, or between the barriers, as it supports the work in an atmosphere of a volatile such as rain, snow or in the night hours, thanks to the cameras installed on the surface of the robot.

Also scheduled to be paid meal requests of university students through application of the Starship on the platform Andorid, iOS, Android with a lid firmly locked not anyone can open it before it reaches the user that has registered the connection request.


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