Start address checksum address iPhone killer A13

This year will be the company TSMC is Taiwan’s sole supplier of Apple processors used in the iPhone, and now began trial production to address the A13 before the start of the manufacturing stage of commercial quantities of the big end of the month.

Been manufacturing processor A13 accurately 7 nm that provide not only higher performance thanks to the increase of transistors, but the consumption of less energy than previous generations by about 10%.

Using precision manufacturing smaller this allows putting more components in the same space, has no more Apple to increase the capacity of the processor significantly from the A12, but they may use it for the rest of the ingredients such as the accelerator machine learning processors, audio and artificial intelligence,

Is expected to launch Apple TV three iPhones this year, including two high-spec cameras and three from the back with the lens wide.

It is worth noting that 20% of the revenue from TSMC from one customer Great which Apple.

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