Start advance booking for pimax virtual reality 8K and 5K

This topic start pre-booking for pimax virtual reality 8K and 5K appeared on Engadget.

Announced pimax open advance reservation for virtual reality 8K and 5K, and that model 8K at the price of 899 dollars, while the model comes in 5K of the system of virtual reality at a price tag of $ 699.

Pimax- VR-headset -opens preorders

Provide Pimax their versions of the new system of virtual reality for pre-booking now, where comes Form 8K of the car at the price of 899 dollars, but that price does not include control units SteamVR, or base station, the available system 5K price tag of $ 699 without accessories previous.

On the other hand HTC system Vive Pro of virtual reality at a price of $ 799 where not included in this price also any accessories, while others come at a price of $ 1400 range glasses complete with control units and other accessories.

And Pimax these versions of the system of virtual reality with a wider field of vision up to 200 degrees, where she could hide the effects that appear in the system of virtual reality, often with the field of view possible with a smaller scope.

Also scheduled to be shipping units of the glasses in the beginning, users booster for the company in the Kickstarter, as well as supporting the percentage of applications for Advance Reservation System plans Pimax for the production of glasses with a specific timeline for the production of glasses.

System of Pimax 8K virtual reality feature two of the screens possible in 4K, where each hand the quality of the display 3840 2160 pixels, this coupled with the feature to raise the quality of offer in the content of 2560 by 1440 pixels, also supports a refresh rate of 80Hz.

System of Pimax 5K virtual reality feature two screens to accurately display 2560 by 1440 pixels, but it offers a refresh rate greater 90Hz.

It is expected to require these features in the system of Pimax, to the highest specifications in the disaster screen used, where indicated site Tom’s Hardware recently that the glasses may need a graphics card-Super.

Also in practical experience for 5K, found it beyond the ability of disaster screen GTX 1070 from Nvidia, so don’t offer clear vision also does not support the refresh rate of the frames to be optimized, also no different performance with the use of a disaster screen RTX 2080.

Recall that the Pimax offer a range of demand pre-integrated system and includes all of the disaster screen RTX 2080Ti from Nvidia, or RTX 2080.


This topic start pre-booking for pimax virtual reality 8K and 5K appeared on Engadget.

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