Start manufacturing processors A12 iPhone 2018

بدء تصنيع معالجات A12 لهواتف آيفون 2018

Use Apple TV to launch its phones with the end of the current year, but it just started to manufacture its own phones for iPhone 2018 they are expected to reveal in September.

According to reports, the company TSMC supplied to the processors own phones to the iPhone have begun the process of manufacturing the processors Next, and to dubbed the A12, after sequentially followed from the police in the naming of products.

Will be used Apple for the first time the technique of 7-Nm in its phones, where that technology will increase the iPhone faster and more efficiently with the processor, as it will make the size of the processor is smaller, which means the possibility of providing other extras on the phone to exploit the space.

It is noteworthy that Apple is working on launching 3 new phones, where you can ask the iPhone X new, phone iPhone plain, next to another phone with specs less according to various reports.


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