Start pre-ordering on phone HTC Exodus 1 by block Chi

بدء الطلب المسبق على هاتف HTC Exodus 1 بتقنية بلوك تشين

The company announced the HTC about start pre-ordering on her phone, the HTC Exodus 1 that works with block Qi after months of talk andadvertising for the development of the phone, it came in a statement to the police which revealed the design advantages of the new smartphone which designed through his company creating a paradigm shift in the world of smart phones.

The company says that the phone will be running Android 8.1, but it will contain part of the CHIP serves to store data by block Chi to keep her away from the Android system. Is what means that the Android system will be held in parallel with the encryption system of decentralization on the phone.

HTC Exodus 1

The phone has a processor Snapdragon 845 with a ram of 6 GB and a storage capacity of 128 GB. It also has a screen measuring 6 inches and accurately quad-HD+. Next to the dual front camera accurately 8 mega pixels per number two, dual camera back accurately 16 mega pixels, 12 mega pixels, which can record 4K video at 60 frame per second.

It also protects the phone battery capacity of 3,500 Milli-amp / hour, next to the support offer fast shipping, and technical support to resist water and dust IP68.

And phone technology SoftBank for encrypted based on the block Chi to maintain the transfer of data and money securely within the portfolio developed by the company itself on behalf of Zion “Zion”.

Will HTC Exodus 1 available for purchase via pre-order currency digital vs 0.15 configures or 4.78 interior, the equivalent of 960$ in present currency rates. Will access users in December. But you have to be careful when buying a phone, because digital currencies ascend and descend hundreds of dollars permanently.

The start of the previous request on phone HTC Exodus 1 by block Chi appeared first on the tech world.

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