Started updating the smartphone to the Oreo, making the OS cleaner

Android Oreo

Usually the next update of the operating system the users are waiting behavior. However, many people like a clean version of Android. For smartphones many software vendors typical of the shell, suggesting an additional set of applications. The Network keeps popping up messages about updating devices to Oreo. Now a new “clean” version of the OS will get another smartphone. Software what device to get rid of the number of previously pre-installed default apps?


Just recently got a OTA update to Oreo for ZenFone 3 Deluxe (ZS570KL), and now Asus has already provided an upgrade to Android 8.0 for it’s other smartphone — the ZenFone Zoom 3 (ZE553KL). It is highly users will appreciate the Zenfone 3, since an official announcement about the postponement of the updates towards the end of June this year. More new message has been reviewed by Victor (Victor) on the resource page with reference to ASUS ZenTalk.

In addition to updating to the new version of the Android operating system, Asus also chose to make the software closer to a clean version, removing the pre-installed apps, including the Minimove, PhotoCollage and Do It Later. As noted, the new OS takes more space than required operating system device before.

The users of ZenFone Zoom 3 that have not yet received the update to Oreo, it remains only to wait and frequently check the menu for updates. As is usually the case, update the software of the smartphone is not available simultaneously to all users. This means that the time before entering the OTA updates can be up to several days.

Which is preferable — a stock version of Android or a software interface from the vendor with wide range of optional software that extends the available “out of the box” functionality of the device? To discuss this topic readers can Telegram chat.

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