Starting the first professional platform and social hunters of the gaps in the world of Beirut

The company launched the “semicolon” Semicolon – specialized in Information Security – “murder of the” Bugreader, a professional platform, social, dedicated researchers and security, the hunters in the gaps, she said it’s the first of its kind in the world.

The company said that the headquarters of the Lebanese capital Beirut: “our team worked on building this platform for over two years, the through its guidance notes, staff in the Departments of protection of major global companies, especially Facebook, supporting the most prominent us to launch this product, as well as the expertise of security researchers and hunters in the gaps the best in the world. Resulting in a complete platform providing services is the first of its kind.”

Starting the first professional platform and social hunters of the gaps in the world from Beirut

She said “Smile“: the product offers an advanced system of deployment of security reports, the details of the vulnerabilities discovered (authorized advertisement) in various global companies, services adults, as well as a system to “search deep” to access the security reports, gaps with the desired properties.

And services provided by the organization: the possibility of follow-up security researchers to each other within the organization, in order to exchange experiences and reports among them, in addition to the services of the researcher of the security, such as generating public links to reports Public Link, which is published to the public, and links private Link that you send to global companies; for the reporting of gaps, and analysis reports to the PDF format of a scientific nature, and generate a professional CV researchers and security, building on its achievements and reports its security, which confirm their authenticity.

She said “Smile” the platform “injured” and has also provided security reports to the public, and free, to with the passage of time the ref’s largest and richest researchers security for access to this area.

Referred to that he announced the launch of the product in the May 11 via special invitation I addressed the people of the world, the researchers and security personnel with her, and after one week of the launch, was “injured” and the great welcome from security researchers, who took the initiative to create accounts for them in the region, and publish their reports to the security heavily.

According to the company, it has surpassed the number of security researchers elected to the house until day 100 security researcher content, the value of gaps, published around 75,000 US$, and these numbers growing daily.

It should be noted that the organization is run by a team of experts and researchers Security, Arab and Foreign, from 5 countries, their mission is to ensure the correctness of published reports in the region, through the review of reports, and communicate with the companies concerned; to confirm the correctness of what is stated.

Include the company’s “second” on that product completely free of charge, and their sole purpose is to promote cyber security, and gaps, and to encourage scientific research and specialized, and researchers Security, that there is no fee for the services available, and the presence of advertising, and in constant development to provide all what is useful to the researcher of the security.

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