Starting the previous state of the arabnet digital summit

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Kicked off the sixth session of the arabnet digital summit, digital conference Nemesis, in the center of conferences and events Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai, has far exceeded the number of attendees this year all expectations, as it exceeded the 1,800 people, with the participation of more than hundred speakers and 75 exhibitors, in addition to over a hundred investors and venture capitalists to discuss the latest trends and opportunities of the digital in the United Arab Emirates and the region.

Included the arabnet digital summit, over two days, it sponsors high-level, including Emirates integrated telecommunications company “du”, and”om de”, clear capital, National Bank of Dubai, and general organization to encourage investments in Lebanon “idal” and the house.Com and Dubai.

Omar rested the founder and Executive Director of the Group’s arabnet: “due to the importance and development of the digital market in the Middle East and North Africa and formed an essential part of business strategies, leaders of the digital sector to take on the latest trends and aspirations of the sector to keep abreast of the constant changes, so the conference arabnet comprehensive platform to meet the needs of the audience from different sectors.”

Set off the conference with a mid-technology media and advertising, in collaboration with the company “or MD” as a strategy, the company Material Co-partner concerned, in accordance with the area two: media, technology, media and advertising. Hosted the Forum’s speakers and key agencies and Sport-Style “or M. D.”, the brief, and twitter, sharing robot, and pathways to recent trends in digital media and advertising during the discussion sessions of seven involving experts from Google, used the Middle East, and Nissan Motor Co. ko, and Laura, Facebook, General Motors, and Ford.

On the same day, was held the middle of the water with the support of the “setback Moni”, which saw the participation of a number of parties involved from banks, regulators, and startups in the financial technology sector and investors, and hosted the Forum’s CEO, takaful emarat, Fadi Indian, in the framework of the Ad Hoc CEO, has talked Indian on the hedging strategy adopted by the company aims to foster innovation and cutting-edge technology.

And the Forum also five meetings of the points touched by its speakers to a wide range of topics, including technology book series or block of Qi, and the encrypted cryptocurrency, andartificial intelligence and the future, and in the discussion sessions of the leaders of thought of the Economic Development Board in Bahrain, the Bank Emirates Islamic, at A. I., and all fine you London, Rina can be treatment of even, and others.

On the sidelines of the conference, hosted by the arabnet digital summit government officials said companies in the middle of the digital policy, which included panel discussions about policy, meetings of the joint help in the construction of the bilateral relationship is feasible between governments lead to forms of productive cooperation. The elements participating in this forum to the owners support.

On the second day of the arabnet digital Summit, held mid-technology real estate, which regulates for the first time, the forum economic and smartphone, and Investment Forum, panel discussion, second Policy Forum of the digital, as well as the championship of startups, and the competition entrepreneurs.

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Starting the previous state of the arabnet digital summit

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