Starting the sixth season in free, what’s new?

Came the seventh season of free, entitled “The Rise of darkness” influenced celebrations of Halloween to the dozens of players looks like a monster (Skins) and pet and the status of “stealth”, and in detail this is new:

The map

Offers the The New new places on the map, including regions, actors, Floating Island, The Haunted Castle, fields of corn.

When approaching the areas the actor (that you see in purple when landing) you’ll know it’s the last thing created by the cube purple alien due to the presence of cubes miniature of them called the “stone ghost” that turns the player for 45 seconds ghost invisible he can’t hurt anyone or hurt anyone.

You’ll also find a haunted castle on the hill Haunted Hills, and the corn would be an ideal place to pool the resources of the construction, the floating island it is not easy landing them, but it undoubtedly will attract the players to try to land on them because of the resources of the rare weapons.

Changes to gameplay and weapons

Removed the epic James Cannon light machine gun LMG gun machine gun Suppressed SMG and defense Impulse Nade panels, jumping Bouncer bombs blasting C4 from all phases of play without training, I would add the gun Ratatat with hold on to the same tools and weapons made during the past few weeks.

There are dozens of leather (Skin) which change the shape of your character that play out, including a lot of what appears dreadfully, and can add to the backpack pet carry her like a dog and chameleons.

Steps Players her voice became higher when the level of the top or bottom of you, became the form of a storm over this when it approached you.

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