Startup began to grow lean mice for cats vegetarians

In recent years more and more people are thinking about their unwillingness to eat the meat of animals. This gave rise to a popular start-UPSthat grow meat in labs from cells of animals. Ryan Bethencourt went on. His company raises meat animals for Pets.

It all started with the fact that vegetarian Ryan Betancourt decided that I will not give my dog that wouldn’t eat myself. We know that dogs and cats are predatory animals. They love the meat of other animals. Ryan Betancort can’t give it to his dog. For this reason, he decided to found a startup Wild Earth, which produces food for Pets.

Laboratory Wild Earth is engaged in cultivation of meat mice. Ryan Bethencourt believes it is great for Pets. So not only thinks he is. Tech Mogul Peter Thiel has already announced its desire to invest in a startup a little less than half a million dollars.

Soon Pets vegetarians will be able to adopt the lifestyle of their owners. There is only one problem in all of this. Companies that are engaged in cultivation of meat cows and chickens are very unhappy with the appearance on the market Ryan Bethencourt and Wild Earth. They believe that it will scare potential buyers “laboratory meat” for people. Consumers can start to associate all the meat from the lab with food for Pets.

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