Statement of account “Huawei” reveals the size of her in front of the competition in the sector

You might work at a slow pace and steady one of the ways to achieve excellence and keep up with the competition, but, from another point of view, does not hurt to achieve this by employing the methodology of action aimed at further innovation, got growth at a steady pace and stable. It is clear that Huawei Huawei, a giant manufacturing smartphones in the world, is fast-paced and thoughtful make them eligible not to the other competing companies, but achieving it in a manner that is consistent and disciplined.

According to the report, sales of smart phones issued by ’International Data Corporation‘ for the first half of 2018, the assumed Huawei ranked third in terms of sales volume of smart phones and mobile devices, which contributed in drawing the features of the new racing competition in the smartphone market in the world.

While the sector is still abuzz with this news and New Developments, successfully Huawei in achieving two achievements by the end of last month; it sold 10 million units of phones HUAWEI P20 through the first five months of the year. At the time of seeking competitors to strengthen their position in the market, revealed Huawei recently unveiled an unprecedented achievement in the smartphone world, which is the launch Wizard ’Kirin 980‘ entirely new, which is the first processor dealers in the world made with (7 nm) and enhanced system processing leading (SoC), which will ensure users unprecedented levels of performance, speed and efficiency. Will be supplied this processor in a series of phones Mate 20 Series that are associated with the launched during this year.

Besides, Huawei ranked second in terms of smartphone sales in the Middle East and Africa. According to the report, the company studies the market ’GfK‘ (GFK) for the month of May 2018, the share of Huawei’s market share in the Middle East and Africa 21%, thereby achieving a growth rate of 31.25% compared to the market share of the company during the month of December 2017. And share Huawei’s market share within countries in the region of 20%, this included all of the Levant region increased by 37.4%, Oman by 30%, Saudi Arabia 27%, Iraq 25%, Egypt 24%, Pakistan grew by 22.2%, UAE 20%.

Today, consumers are no longer forced to follow new innovations and promotional campaigns of the corporate competition in the markets; they are more impressed and the school did not offer Huawei’s products and innovations to a whole new. Initially, the company announced the launch of the phones HUAWEI Mate 10 processors ’Kirin 970‘ backed artificial intelligence; then unveiled series phones HUAWEI P20 Pro amazing. While competing brands respond to these surprises, big and hard, which resulted in the launch of a series of phones nova 3 that feature the properties of exceptional supported by artificial intelligence to enhance your selfies, Huawei announced recently the launch of processor new revolution, also intends to launch another smartphone by the end of the year.

In fact, I didn’t pose these challenges to root any surprise in the market, especially with the commitment of Huawei to the firm towards innovation and creativity; it seems that this extraordinary success could be the turning point for all the other brands specialized in the manufacture of smart phones.

In parallel with this, enjoy unprecedented, the phone was a HUAWEI P20 Pro Huawei P20 of the early products of Huawei, which has made a classification of 3 boxes, according to DxOMark, the trusted and specialist test and evaluate the quality of the images lens cameras smartphone. Today, still Phone HUAWEI P20 Pro in the forefront of premium smartphones, according to DxOMark, so the total degrees special, reached 109 degrees, a difference of 6 points on the company’s competition which won second place.

With your hands a lot of users today that Huawei has become the company’s most sports once you Innovation, and the dominant emerging that is difficult to match the progress in the use of the potential of artificial intelligence, which provide users with experiences more memorable and efficient, the accuracy of the display visible to the optimizer, the efficiency is exceptional. Through her leadership agenda innovations artificial intelligence in the smart phone industry, successfully Huawei phones supported of artificial intelligence in keeping up all the needs of users, enhance the level of interaction, and upgrading experiences of phones without the need to download intensive and deal with multiple applications.

With the adoption of cloud computing platforms (in relation to servers) on the potential of artificial intelligence, basically, is experiencing the March of smart phones further development thanks to the use of techniques of artificial intelligence. But with the transformation of artificial intelligence to a basic standard in all Huawei phones, we turn today to the era in which the potential of the artificial intelligence element integrated with cloud computing. In simplified words, you’re changing phones more intelligent on the level of cloud platforms and the level of the phones themselves, which will lead to the future in the light of that, will change the ability of the phones to the sensation and consulting the most important foundation of artificial intelligence, the starting point of the interaction between human and machine. Thanks to the perception the exact supported capabilities of the sensor, you’ll be able to phones and super-intelligence ’to know you and understand you well‘ and offer the best services and solutions designed to meet your needs. In line with that, you’re going to the super phones of intelligence processing and the implementation of the tasks in more complex scenarios, which means that they will need to address the strong, such as the ’Kirin 980‘, in order to improve consumption of battery power and support the processing tasks dynamic.

In parallel with the rapid growth and health performance, operational, witness the sign of Huawei’s business more momentum and cultural influence on a large scale in the markets; there is no doubt that this nursery will provide a greater impetus in the global smartphone market, especially with the willingness of the police to unveil more products and phones by the end of the year. Has been noted one of the reports of the company ’GfK‘ to that Huawei shipped more than 95 million cell phone to various parts of the world during the first half of 2018, and ranked second in terms of market share in 38 countries, including the United Arab Emirates. In parallel with the increasing sales revenue series phones Series Mate and P Series increased by 45% year on year, the global share of the company in the market of luxury smartphone with Price taken my $ 500, up to 16.4% on an annual basis.

Not surprisingly, to succeed series phones Mate 10 in the consolidation of the trend towards outsourcing potential of artificial intelligence and to strengthen the position of Huawei in the market of high-end phones, where it was shipped more than 10 million units of these phones in the world during the first half of 2018. It also shows the numbers and statistics that Phones HUAWEI P20 – those that integrate the charm artistic touches to the high-end and technology – has received high praise banner demanded widespread among consumers, especially lovers of fashion and high taste; it also confirmed the Huawei to the number of users series phones nova all-new, has exceeded the threshold of 50 million users.

On the other hand, recorded the Huawei tremendous growth at the level of the retail business; the company currently operates more than 53 thousand stores supported 3,500 store customer experience on a global level. With the realization of the value reached 38.046 million for its own brand, taken Huawei ranked 25 in the list of 500 Most Valuable Brands in the world to 2018, which is issued by the institution of ’Brand Finance‘. It is expected that the Huawei launched 10 thousand new shop 700 stores else customer experience through 2018, in line with the rising interest of global consumers with the Huawei brand to 44 percent in 2017 compared with 37% through 2016, according to the position of ’Ipsos‘.

There is no doubt that such a prestigious position in the market has always been the commitment of Huawei to the firm towards innovation and willingness of the potential of sophisticated artificial intelligence in all its phones, which naturally imposes more difficult challenges in front of companies in the global smart phone other. In the light of developments that will by the company before the end of the year, it’s easy to predict that it will continue in the remaining period of the year to move in March by promising steady and strong and strengthening and rights; there is no doubt that 2018 will be a golden year for Huawei, and we are excited for the features and attributes of the new amazing the series phones mate 20 the new that is being launched globally in London on October 16.

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