Statistics Android monthly – Android 8 exceed 1% quietly !

We continue to cover the news of the spread of the systems of Android, and today with a new report good for Google and the users of the system, and the success of the remarkable plans of Google to accelerate the pace of updates, the detail in the foreground !

إحصائيات الأندرويد الشهرية - أندرويد 8 يتجاوز 1٪ بهدوء !

Statistics Android monthly – Android 8 exceed 1% quietly !

We are in the second month of the year 2018, the month of February, where the month goes on another statistic concerning the distribution of Android, which is where older versions of Android hold out, where to version 2.3.3 as well as the 4.0.3 refreshes the Parliament quietly, reaching to a rate of 0.3% for the first, and 0.4% for the second, and to release Ice Cream Sandwich, where the latter and have already lost approximately 0.1% of the proportion of non-proliferation.

In return, we find the version 4.4 or kit Kat fall quietly is also a reduction of the proportion of 12.8% to 12% this month, and this version certainly will stay at the table maybe two years from now!

Finally as a testament to the success of the Google car, the version of lollipop or Android 5.0, and 5.1 lost their control on the Android Market, where a record this month, a rate of 24.6%, although the proportion was low weak, but this allowed for other versions of the new take their place, and the same goes for Android 6.0, is also breathing kind of slow, where he arrived this month to 28.1%, compared to last month to 28.6%!

The Android direct it has become more versions of Android prevalent with a total rate of 28.5%, which means that the version most prevalent, of course, this check for updates and the large that I got updates to this version, along with the company’s launch of its organs directly and it works.

The Android oreo before 8.0 and 8.1 is still growing at a very slow pace, where and with difficulty obtained a rate of 1.1% compared to last month which was 0.7%, and is supposed to reach more updates to the distribution ratio of this release !

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