Statistics: how well does honey help with coughs?

Honey collected by bees has long been considered an effective folk remedy for many diseases. Depending on the species, honey is used to treat diseases of the heart, gastrointestinal tract and, of course, the respiratory tract. But the benefits of honey are confirmed only by the words of those who have had experience of treatment with "bee production". Honey is most commonly used to treat cold symptoms, but there is no scientific evidence for its effectiveness. Researchers from Oxford University (England) decided to fill this gap. They collected the results of thousands of studies on the medicinal properties of honey and found out how well it copes with colds, compared to cough medicines and even more so antibiotics. The result of the data analysis was quite unexpected.

Honey is different and each type is useful in its own way

Cold treatment

The scientific publication New Atlas spoke about the scientific work with reference to the BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine journal. According to the researchers, the main symptom of the common cold is coughing, which occurs due to inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. And inflammation, in turn, is provoked by viruses that have entered the body. Basically, the treatment of a cold is reduced to getting rid of symptoms, including the notorious cough. In some countries, doctors manage to treat colds with antibiotics , which absolutely cannot fight viruses. But with frequent use, antibiotics lose their power against their main enemies – bacteria, which quickly get used to them and cease to be afraid. So doctors should definitely not prescribe antibiotics for colds, because it is simply stupid.

Scientists are confident that antibiotics cannot cure a person from a cold

In 2018, the British government even released a guide to treating colds, in which it noted that antibiotics are completely useless in this matter. Instead, experts recommended that doctors prescribe ordinary cough medicines to patients and, as strange as it may sound, honey. This sweet product from the processing of plant nectars clearly has anti-inflammatory properties, but there is still no scientific evidence for this. To prove that honey is actually more effective in treating coughs than conventional medicines, British scientists conducted a meta-analysis .

Метаанализ — это объединение результатов нескольких исследований для получения более обобщенных научных гипотез.

The benefits of honey against cough

There is a lot of scientific research on the effectiveness of honey against various diseases. However, they were all carried out in different conditions and there is still no definite proof of the benefits of honey. The results of 2,418 studies were at the disposal of the staff of the University of Oxford, led by Professor Joseph Lee. Of these, they selected 14 scientific papers that compared the effectiveness of honey and commercial drugs, including antibiotics. These studies took into account data on 1705 people.

Linden honey helps against coughs and fever, meadow honey has a good effect on the heart and liver, and clover honey is good for treating diseases of the digestive system

Антибиотики вообще не рекомендуется давать детям . Поэтому мед при простуде — лучшая альтернатива.

As part of the scientific work, researchers evaluated the effectiveness of honey in combating the frequency and severity of coughs, as well as other cold symptoms such as sore throat and fever. To the surprise of the researchers, in most medical cases, honey actually cleared up cold symptoms faster than conventional medicines and antibiotics. So, the recommendation of the British authorities to use honey instead of antibiotics may well be heeded. Only here is puzzling the fact that within the framework of the studies, scientists could not control the amount of honey consumed by volunteers. Perhaps, in the course of research, they were treated not only with honey, but also with other medicines. There is some chance that some of them were cured not with honey, but with the help of other medications.

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But at least there is definitely some benefit in honey, and you can be convinced of this by looking at its composition. The sweet product contains a lot of glucose, fructose and sucrose, which saturate the body with vital energy. Also, honey contains a whole complex of vitamins, including the B group, which has a positive effect on the functioning of the brain and the nervous system in general. In addition, the composition includes substances such as iron, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine, and so on in varying amounts. All this healing mixture is really capable of strengthening the immune system and, therefore, increasing the body's resistance to disease.

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