STC announces the launch of the services of the Fifth Army within the kingdom

شركة الاتصالات السعودية STC تعلن بدء إطلاق خدمات الجيل الخامس داخل المملكة

Announced Saudi telecom company STC launched its commercial services contact fifth generation within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where came the announcement through a tweet on her official Twitter.

To this important advance in space communication networks and in telecommunications companies other world that was racing to launch the services of the Fifth Army for its users.

In The did not reveal the STC in its declaration only from experience, all without mentioning any details about the areas covered by the service at the current time, as I didn’t intend to the subscription fees, pricing, the expected benefit of the service.

Where came the announcement the text of the brief also describes the tweet attached to the picture below:

Are considered fifth-generation networks are the latest technologies and most advanced in the field to connect to the internet via the network cell.

Where will be the download speed to 1 giga byte per second i.e. the speed is too large will have a significant impact in all areas of life the various Associated which has become most closely associated incision technology

And to round the picture about the speed of the default network of the fifth generation the user will be able to download a movie with high accuracy in a few seconds.

Knowing that the communication range which covers a broader segment of users in the same area without affecting the speed of each device on the conversation which can be enjoyed at a constant speed in synchrony.

In going to be the areas of remote control, robotics, self-driving full are more areas use of technology to contact these, due to the large transmission and reception of data, where it’s the closest thing to Real.

The STC has announced the success of the first experience services contact fifth generation in May 2017 in partnership with the leading company in the construction of communication networks the fifth generation of Huawei.

In experience it is the first in the Middle East and North Africa sought to ensure precedence in providing this service to curb the traffic of its users in the region, be it the official launching of the service in Saudi Arabia today.

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