Steep function of Galaxy S10, which was supposed to appear on the iPhone before

It makes no sense to argue with the fact that Tim cook has radically changed the Apple. Under him, the company became more successful, but it is away from the user. This was largely due to the fact that in Cupertino have begun to neglect their own ecosystem, producing devices that corny incompatible with each other. But there is one function that has been used successfully competing manufacturers and probably would be able to solve the problem.

We are talking about the function of reverse charging, which is available to owners of 20 Huawei Mate and Galaxy S10. Thanks to her smartphone can recharge the external accessory support wireless charging without the need for direct connection. Enough to put headphones or a smart watch with support for the standard Qi on the rear panel of the device, as it will start to pick up the energy that was stored is not an example of more energy-intensive battery of the head unit.

Reverse charging

The ability of one device to charge another, without wires – it’s very Apple ovsk. It is strange that in Cupertino not smart enough or at least not tried to implement such a possibility before. The introduction of the reverse charge instantly would solve existing compatibility problems and at the same time would make the process of operating a proprietary Apple technology easier for the average user. And is not this is a goal that the company sets for itself?

Apple just had to introduce the reverse charge before the others and she had every opportunity for it. Not only that, companies have been able to implement a wireless gateway between the devices, teaching them to send the settings and passwords from Wi-Fi to each other, so also its model range there are devices like the Apple Watch and AirPods, which require frequent charging. So why, one wonders, don’t implement this very handy feature?

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