Steve jobs about the App Store: “We did not expect such a success”

10 July 2018 App Store was 10 years. Now it is no surprise the record of the famous app store. But what this project saw Steve jobs in 2008? Recently published interviews gave the answer to this question.

The purpose of the App Store

The App Store serves the same role for the iPhone, and the iTunes application for iPod. We used a similar strategy, but went ahead and organized the delivery of content using their own Internet services. Thus, the need for PC anymore.

How quickly replenished the app store?

According to jobs, a month after the launch of the App Store store was replenished daily for 50 new apps. For some, this figure may appear insignificant, but back then it was considered a very rapid growth.

About test applications before and after the publication in the App Store

Of course, we do not publish questionable applications. But the major problem is copyright. In the case of violations, we have to evaluate the application as long as the developer will not be permitted to conflict with the copyright holder.

On the performance of the App Store within the first 30 days of his existence

We didn’t expect such a success. It was a real breakthrough not only for mobile but for the whole computer industry. Just over a month, the number of downloaded apps in the App Store exceeded 60 million.

On the future of the App Store

It is quite possible that soon it will be a billion-dollar market. Our turnover amounted to $ 360 million for the first 30 days, I have never seen anything like it on the market software.

What applications used the Steve jobs on your iPhone?

I especially like the game of Yelp and the Mandarin PhraseBook. On my iPhone there are such programs as the New York Times, Bloomberg, Epocrates, Anatomy. Also use Facebook, this app is really convenient and many people use it.

Concluding the conversation, Steve jobs told exactly how he sees the further development of mobile technologies and applications.

I am one of those who believes that mobile devices are firmly part of our lives. Applications for them are growing bigger. There is no doubt that the App Store waiting for something significant.

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