Steve jobs: people need buttons…

The last musical event involving Apple’s Steve jobs. Even in writing it looks at one go. Suggestive. Something behind the scenes, and that’s what we’ll talk… 1 Sep 2010. As always, a musical event dedicated not to the music, and all sorts of devices. In solo performance of Steve jobs. Almost all of the event.

Steve started with the traditional “political information”. 300 retail Apple Store in 10 countries, is about to open the 301-th, 11-th country (in Spain), the population of iOS devices reached 120 million and continues to grow.

Presented two versions of iOS: iOS 4.1 and iOS 4.2. First out immediately, the second in November. Has introduced three new iPod models. Shuffle 4G, Nano 6G and iPod touch. iTunes 10, and “One More Thing” re – invented Apple TV…

Video (duration 01:10:51):

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iOS device

Three devices presented in this day used, or iOS, or its smaller version. Full version used in the iPod touch and new Apple TV. IPod nano sixth generation were used fragments of iOS. Apple objected: this is not iOS, it is part of iOS moved in closer and the weak device, plus a few libraries (with 1/10 the functionality) for iOS. It is rather “Yes, this is a preview of the iOS”.

Two of the devices used Apple A4 processor from Apple. After a few years the iOS version for Apple TV will turn into tvOS – September 1, 2010 was the day of her debut.

Some details about Apple TV 2G at the end of the article.

One of the apps iPod nano 6G (watch) resembles something familiar. Moreover, this something is also a wearable, miniature, and also with a variation of iOS (watchOS).

And Shuffle 4G back button. In Shuffle third generation housing on the body leaving only the connectors, a few miraculously survived the buttons moved to the headphone wire, a sheet set of combinations for controlling the simple device in the world was similar to an excerpt from the cryptographic pad.

But back Steve, and the obsession disappeared. In the case of the new Shuffle had buttons. And Steve said that “people are bad without buttons”. Badly without them, you know?

The number of activations of new devices

Shortly before the special event, the network appeared the information that every day, Google activates more than 250 million new devices with the Android operating system, and Apple activates two times smaller number of iOS devices.

What was really unknown. The number of activations (real) test can neither confirm nor deny. Apple could learn the value of this option for iOS devices, while the meter takes into account only the activation of new devices (each device has a unique identifier).

For such comparisons it is rather a disadvantage than an advantage. Steve announced that Apple has 230 thousand activations a day, and that is just the activation of new devices, and that Google takes into account all activated – for example, after system reinstallation or after the upgrade.

Confirm or deny named Steve 230 thousand activations a day, especially after so many years, is also impossible. Business is war, and war is a lie is not a sin.

iOS 4.2: all achievements iOS is now available on iPad

Within months of the latest achievements of iOS was not available on the iPad. The newest and most advanced iOS device only worked with iOS 3.2.*, while on the iPhone and iPod touch a long time to come the future is iOS 4.0.

iOS 3.2.* it was impossible to install on a “small” iOS devices, but it is a long time anybody did not cause emotions.

To combine two similar, but different from one another’s implementation of an interface in one version of the system was not easy. It was not clear whether Apple will simultaneously release two new versions of iOS, or is it to learn to combine them in a single release.

September 1 was the announced iOS 4.2, the output of which was scheduled for November. Now everything fell into place: starting with iOS 4.2 this is a ridiculous position thing of the past.

Perhaps that is why Steve immediately announced iOS 4.1 and iOS 4.2.

New iPod touch

Smaller, thinner, with Apple A4 inside, with front and rear cameras – it was the most important news of the day knowledge 2010.

Moreover, the iPod touch became the best selling iPod, and sales of the other iPods have gone down.

But it is, technical details and impressions affected by it another time.

Apple TV second generation

In the four years since 2006 Apple TV and have not achieved real success. In his conception something wasn’t right. The device of this appointment, no one was successful.

September 1, 2010, the public was shown a completely different device. In fact, the day the Apple TV was invented, really. The first generation – no more than a failed prototype.

Now it was a tiny device in dark gray, without its own storage device of any nature, on the Apple A4 (with a clock frequency of 1 GHz), operating system Apple TV Software 4.0, based on iOS 4.1.

RAM – 256 MB second level cache 512 KB graphics card PowerVR SGX 353 (Apple A4 chip).

To be continued

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