Steve Wozniak talked about his favorite Apple device

If you think that the smartphone is perhaps the only device that most of us will never leave. Tablets, smart watches, fitness bracelets, Yes, even laptops – all of this pales in comparison with the possibilities that we open the phones. They allow us to exchange messages, take pictures of important moments, to have fun, pay the bills, and sometimes even work. But Steve Wozniak believes that smartphones are overrated and relies on a completely different gadget.

Apple Watch is the best gadget according to Steve Wozniak

The most favorite device of Steve Wozniak today are Apple Watch. He told this in an interview with Bloomberg. According to him, he has a few reasons to love smart watches, which attracted him much more than the iPhone or iPad, a fan Who was for many years. And what gadget do you value most? Answers in the comments or leave our Telegram chat.

Why you should use Apple Watch

First, watch allow you to stay connected even on the run. When to get the iPhone is not possible, the Apple Watch much help, says the Who. Secondly, he stresses, thanks to hours seriously reduced the usage time of your smartphone and your computer. The fact that many of the alerts that go to your iPhone, do not require a response, carrying only the notification load.

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I usually use the computer to check mail, but on the go this can be done. So when I travel on business, I use the watch to stay connected. It helps me even less likely to use a smartphone because I don’t want to be one of those who spends all his time looking at the screen [smartphone]. I can say that the Apple Watch is my favorite gadget for today, says the Who.

Pretty ironic that Wozniak was one of those who in public criticized the Apple Watch. 2-3 years ago he stated that he does not consider the position of the Apple Watch any convincing and do not see they have a future. According to him, the clock only added to the problems in his life.

There was a case when tried to pay using them for purchases, but found that left his iPhone at home. Without connecting to the smartphone watch is meaningless, and, moreover, they have become a device that not that did not help me, but rather brought into my life some difficulties, he used to say.

How to reduce dependence on the iPhone

Who was the first person associated with Apple, which expressed their dissatisfaction with the dependence that’s causing the smartphone. To his excessive attachment to iPhone admitted Tim cook. However, to solve the problem he came with “Screen time”, which helped him to track the number of daily uplifts smartphone notifications that it receives, and the total usage time. In the end, as he confessed to the cook, he reduced the iPhone almost doubled without much damage to their productivity.

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