Stickers for WhatsApp Stickers New how do you get

ملصقات الواتساب

New update for the application to communicate months on record, WhatsApp, on my platform the Android and iOS operating came to water, which yields its many, which would add new options for messaging and chat.

Feature posters and Stickers will work on more details after that ML users from repeating the use of the symbols of the “image” that remained present for years without real change.
Following tests by the application of the basis of his experimental bat feature labels accessible to everyone and users of the application on the platforms mentioned.

To get these stickers you have to update the app to the latest version available on the stores, copy Android, Find Friends 2.18.329 is on this feature as well as friends with 2.18.100 your phones Android systems, the iOS.

Stickers for WhatsApp Stickers new

When you update the app to the version above, run it and go to the box of the chat and press on the icon of smile to find that there is a special symbol plastered could add in the bottom to show when pressed posters available until the moment.

And, of course, will be adding more of these posters with upcoming updates to apply, but remember that the label that you want to use in the response or expression may show when the other party in the case did not in turn update the Ver. And instead of a message stating the need to update the app.

Other benefits come to investigate can be identified here.

New advantages to students will be during the day

To determine the latest version WhatsApp for Android phones

To determine the latest version WhatsApp phones iPhone

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Stickers for WhatsApp Stickers new and how to get it.

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