Stickers WhatsApp: bring stickers and emoji for Android and iPhone free

Finally the apartment feature stickers emoji its way to WhatsApp after years of availability on suitable applications, including Facebook Messenger to add to the Telegram and apply online and a long list of applications.

Known for service and instant messaging owned by Facebook they are late in adopting many of the technologies that preceded its competitors, but it is constantly working to reduce the gap between itself and competitors by embracing those nurses, but with great eagerness to remain application of instant messaging the south and spread in the emerging markets region, more than any other competitor.

Launched WhatsApp pack stickers that can be for Android users and iOS and use it when calling via the app.

Will pack the posters on the posters of the designers of WhatsApp in addition to a group of posters from other artists, as added app support to stickers external actors that allows designers and developers create a poster of their own also.

Added application a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) and interfaces that will allow users to build applications stickers and add stickers on WhatsApp, you can publish the application of the label on the App Store or Google Play Store.

This means that during the next period we will see a lot of apps that are asked on the application stores for Android and iPhone which allows a variety of stickers can be used on WhatsApp, and the app that provides this feature for applications areas will support the WhatsApp.

By January 2017, the organization has more than 1.5 million users, is she smiling about 200 million from the application of Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp is essential for millions of users not only in communication but also in the exploration of news content, especially in emerging markets and emerging in the forefront of India, Brazil, the Middle East and North Africa, and this is what gives great importance to the issue support this application for stickers emoji.

  • What are the stickers emoji?

Is a sophisticated version of the emoji which is considered the first generation of this type of interactive content, these icons larger as they are made up of so many personalities and you need from the designers, can be affixed expressive fixed or maybe the image of the animated character react a certain.

Help these stickers are used in the expression of his reaction or his sense of the direction of the other party during a conversation or chat.

Called these posters expressive English stickers as noted they are a sophisticated version of Emoji that have been common since mobile phones old which appeared between 1998 and 1999.

  • How do I get the stickers for WhatsApp now?

If you are using an old version of the app won’t be able to get this feature only after an update, according to the company, the user must app for Android OS and iOS work on the app update, users can WhatsApp Android update to version 2.18.329 to get to the water, while they are included in the version 2.18.100 iOS users.

The other fact that there are 12 packs of stickers, emoticons available for WhatsApp free in the meantime, you may find some other packages which are led by the material and can be downloaded only after the payment of its cost.

Nice to stickers WhatsApp is available not only on smartphones but also worked their way to the web version, and in case you are not available to you currently, it is expected to arrive soon.

After downloading the update is currently available officially for all you have to follow the following steps:

First: open the keyboard in any chat application, where you should notice a button to a new poster.

Second: the store will be opened new stickers when you click on the new button.

Contains WhatsApp and also on the category custom poster can be accessed by clicking on the + icon at the top. In the meantime, the category labels on the 12 pack stickers including Cuppy by Minseung Song and Bibimbap Friends by Pete Ellison and Biscuit by Ghostbot etc. which are free.

You can explore those packets and preview the labels provided by each one of them, if you like it, you’ll have to download them from the same interface without the need to shut down the app.

After that, you can simply select the label that you want to share send it through the chat by clicking on the same button, you can download more stickers and replace them and navigate between them easily.

There is a tab favorite also, which allows users to mark on the poster of their favorite by clicking the star this to get to the stickers for WhatsApp preferred at any time.

To remove a poster of a particular favorite, click the star icon to move to the Favorites section, tap and hold on the poster, then click on “Remove”.

If you want more options stickers, Press on the plus icon, scroll to the bottom of the tab ALL the STICKERS and click on the GET MORE STICKERS this will take you to the Google Play Store, where you can download apps stickers free and paid ones.

  • The benefits of using stickers WhatsApp

To facilitate these stickers and emoji to communicate and express your reactions and feelings the direction of the other more than icons traditional expressions.

These stickers are a larger size which is what raises the attention of the other and makes him understand the message in a better way than previously, and also explained how you feel about a particular decision or the words of certain issued of or experience specific.

  • Disadvantages stickers WhatsApp

In cases that can be treated in which the user of a slow internet connection, you may not download those stickers in messages and conversations that are exchanged, on the other hand, the users are most keen on the lack of consumption data the package should avoid using them heavily in the talks.


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