Stickman Hook — an example of how not to do

In this material the game presented from the section of news and updates Google Play — Stickman Hook. Let’s see what offers us the Google app store. The game, in truth, is quite interesting, but the issue is the huge amount of advertising. Fee for the opportunity to play the game, in my opinion, too high. We can buy a subscription to music services, but why still no subscription on Google Play and free to play any games?

Of course, the profits of developers is much higher, but many of them begin to become impudent, embedding commercials after each round. For example, in Hook is. And it’s just a horror. It is unclear why Google has no control over embedded advertising.

Moreover, the advertising banners look just awful. They spoil the game interface. Developers are still cunning, by two banner ads at the same time. The button closure of the first is in the upper left corner, and the second in law. Thus, the chance that the user accidentally opens the ad banner is extremely high. And it’s definitely annoying.

I would like to tell me about the features of the game after the advertising horror that had to feel? Of course not. And the logic of the user such. One desire — to immediately remove Stickman Hook. I hope next time the developers will seriously consider this matter, and yet as a fee for such a disadvantage, I will not in any way compliment the Hook and talk about gameplay features. Why? Because follow the current feeling from hanging out in the game.

App: Stickman Hook
Developer: Madbox
Category: Arcade
Version: 2.2.1
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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