Still Phones Android lagging behind iPhone in those waters

Often it is the criticism of Apple for being such a turtle when it comes to delivering innovative new features on the iPhone unlike the manufacturers for Android phones which brought its users many features before they hit users of the iPhone, while Android is superior to iOS in a number of features that only Apple can have a monopoly advantage over the past years and developed a well may be slow but integrated and did not use companies Android that are approaching those waters even now, perhaps due to the slow approach of Apple is due to its strategy of the traditional “hold off sleep intended”, the Let us recognize in the following lines, on that water which is monopolized by Apple the rights to it on Android.

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Privacy birthright

المنطقة الآمنة

As we have said, there are still topping the Apple development process clearly, such as File security and Privacy, where we find that property security and privacy in Apple’s system is very strict, powerful and extremely effective, this Do safe zone “Secure Enclave” which was launched by Apple on the iPhone S5, there was nothing else to even suggest to provide this level of security, something imitated by most manufacturers of other smart phones, where you couldn’t progress any company’s level of security in Apple devices.

What is the Safe Secure Enclave

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There are on Apple devices comprehensive system helps secure encryption of users ‘ data against any penetration, most of the iPhone users know that Apple’s operating system “very safe”, but for those who want to dive a little bit and find some information about that area secure, I’ll try to clarify it in a simple and concise, it can be said that the security in the system of Apple is not just a program or application that runs on Apple devices, but a feature known as the “safe zone” appeared beginning of the devices I-The iPhone 5s is the name you can know that they place a strong and encrypted secure data in a way that not even Apple’s own use of information, there is stored the password data and fingerprints, face and formulate complex mathematical and encrypted.

Wizard safe zone

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Apple has work to allocate a segment of processor your iPhone to store user information severe allergies, this processor is the processor of the safe zone which is processor independent and separate works away from the main operating system docking-iPhone, to encrypt information that is sent to storage and then check the information that they store them when requested.

For example, when you add your fingerprint or the face of your iDevice-iPhone, is the delivery of that data to the safe zone which encrypts and stored, since the Secure Enclave secure zone programmed not to give out any information under any circumstances, the statement of your biometrics take flight in one direction without a return at the time you try to open the iPhone with the fingerprint of the finger or face, says the operating system iOS send your bio-data to the new safe zone, which in turn decide is that the new data are identical with data stored in them or not.

Therefore, thanks to the secure area of the Secure Enclave finds the FBI and the staff of the law enforcement and anyone trying to penetrate apple’s system, difficulty in access for iPhone locked.

Security in Android

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There are many reports that talk about how to try most other smartphones, the design of the security model to its own devices after Apple’s success in its own system security processor with the safe zone.

While tracking all of Samsung’s and Google’s ideas of technology are a little different, others can such as Huawei and Shaw, and other companies now make use of a “processing unit” safe (SPU) in the latest processors from Qualcomm.

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According to the market, one third of the global smart phone were sold in just the past year included processors from Qualcomm, this type of chip gives the advantage of security effective to prevent the use in the Android system, which means that makers of Android still trying to catch up, and a lot of them are yet to benefit from the secure elements available already in the Qualcomm chips modern, the Qualcomm chips don’t work, of course, on the way to a sophisticated algorithm created by Apple, but is also dependent of the CHIP insurance companies active in this field, However, what makes these chips less reliability reliability of a system Apple is that Apple singled out a therapist private insurance, while the system of Qualcomm, it carries property insurance on the phone processor the main, also the Apple system stores the biometrics of an individual such as fingerprint, face and in the chip separate and independent insurance of the system of Qualcomm and he tells her in the memory of the device.

In your opinion, can companies Android to catch up and the level of protection that is provided by iPhone, posted tell us what you think in the comments.



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