Stock Phone Galaxy Z Flip quickly running out in the United States of America

Galaxy z flip

The great interest aroused by the phone Galaxy, Z Flip folding latest from Samsung is very high. In fact, it was the demand for this phone is high enough to run out of the open units and units of the company AT&T once offered for sale on the internet.

This make the potential customer have the choice of buying either unit, a subsidiary of Sprint or wait until the next batch. If demand remained at this high level, you won’t stop until one of these options in the next few days.

According to South Korean media, the company expects Samsung’s increase in sales of Galaxy Z Flip tenfold during its first week, compared to the Galaxy Fold over the same period. Just yesterday, the company has succeeded Samsung in the sale of 900 units from the phone Galaxy, Z Flip in South Korea, has run out of these units, all within a few hours.

It seems that Samsung will be able to sell her smart phone foldable new faster than they expect, at least in the beginning. Now, it remains to be seen whether the company will be able to produce enough units to keep up the high demand on this device.


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