Stop global applications Facebook for two hours

توقف عالمي لتطبيقات الفيس بوك لمدة ساعتينstop global applications Facebook for two hours

Stop global applications Facebook for two hours

Give apps network Facebook home yesterday for 120 minutes on a global scale, influenced by the more clearly the users of the continents of Asia and Europe and parts of North Africa.

Hit the holiday apps Facebook user and Watson father of Instagram, in the stop for these services is second in terms of the length of the in the year 2019, after I stopped the services themselves longer in the past month.

Said position ( ) on Sunday said that more than 12 thousand users are reporting problems on Facebook during the height of the holidays.

Did not explain the administration of Facebook, the reason for the stop, but a spokesman for the network said in a statement to Reuters, ”some users experienced troubles in getting the app earlier today, the problem has been solved“.

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