Stop manufacturing the Nokia Phone 8 Serpico

Launched Nokia 8 Serpico in April last at a high price of 750 euros, but during a short period much lower on e-stores.

Strange that Nokia 8 Sirocco the Nokia website the local price is a lot cheaper than most electronic stores now, but clicking on the “buy now” transports the visitor to the main page and shows a message that the product is not available right now.

It seems that the HMD the world has stopped production of Nokia 8 Serpico, perhaps, calm down Nokia 8.1 which is monitoring by the registry of the processor Snapdragon 710 recently.

This means that the Nokia 8.1 will be less than the Sirocco and Nokia 8 in the specification, but it remains of the middle class, for to be Nokia 9 associated with his coming soon is the first phones leading company.

Source: GSMarena

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