Stop taking selfies to avoid the injury in the same disease “Kim Kardashian”!

The doctor warned Levi Harris, of frequent capturing the”Sylvie” Selfie, because of the proven harm it on the wrist hand and fingers, hardening of the disease known as “wrist selfie” or “selfie Reese”.

The doctor said that the number of people with this disease have seen a significant rise in recent years, due to the dependence on taking selfies, which require me to hand wrist a certain way, in order to capture the images.

Harris added in statements to”Daily Mail” the British disease: “it’s a form of carpal tunnel, and what happens is inflammation in the nerve, as a result of position to hold the phone”.

And Harris, it stated:” the median nerve from the forearm to the palm of the hand, passing through the narrow passage in the wrist known as the carpal tunnel, and carpal tunnel syndrome when the nerve becomes the middle compressed, causing what looks like a war or tingling or numbness”.

Recall that the Kim Kardashian of months who have been injured”wrist selfie”, it revealed her injury last September, and asked doctors to stop to capture pictures like this.

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