Stop: this year Bitcoin does not need any controversial forks

The cryptocurrency community has long been divided into two camps. On one side are the “maximalists” of Bitcoin who do not accept any interventions. On the other — a contingent of more loyal to Aldona and different fork of Bitcoin, including Bitcoin Cash and young project of Craig Wright’s SV Bitcoin. Moreover, the supporters of opposing camps attack each other much more often than the opponents of crypto-currencies as such.

Co-founder and Cobra came to the conclusion that this year, the cryptocurrency doesn’t need any “disputed” hardforce. The opinion he decided to make the background sentiment many supporters for the return of the BCH to the smaller block size. Cobra responded to the tweet, John Carvalho, better known in the community as BitcoinErrorLog. Carvalho along with a BTC developer Luke dash Jr. said that the reduction of block size will give the coin more confidence, especially in the Wake of the competition with Lightning Network.

However, the co-founder reacted quickly, calling any change in the size of the block “controversial”. In his opinion, 2019 is the key to making Bitcoin and any changes and forks can have a negative impact on the prospects. Especially given the growing interest to the industry on the part of institucionales. And even if we are talking about a simple reduction of the block size, it is not that other, as hardwork — change the fundamental structure of the coin. However, even softpark lead to disagreements in the community. As a result, debate will reduce the trust as to the coin, and cryptologist in General.

Stop the insanity! The last thing Bitcoin needs now, is any controversial forks. No need to call softforum “reducing the size of the block”, since in reality this is a real hardwork.

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