Stop using Microsoft Edge Download browser Google Chrome !

Most users who buy a new computer running Windows 10, or who are re-install the system using the browser Microsoft the edge in only one task: to download another browser, often Google Chrome famous.

Months the road followed by most of the users is search with the word “download Chrome”, to show search results from Bing -the default search engine on browser Microsoft – but by and large takes you to the download of malicious software appear in the form of a browser Google Chrome.

According to Gabriel Landau who discovered that the first result of a search on the Microsoft Edge is to that appears naturally, although it does not follow the Google, and the site user to select the Chrome browser is fake, what makes the normal user view the lines easily. If you attempt to visit the site mentioned Google Chrome or Firefox sick a warning that the site stores.

After alerting officials about the Bing, the company said it will increase as a result of searching counterfeit within 24 hours, but according to Forbes the problem unfold between now and then, where it is observed that the results of the Fake take the user to download the Chrome browser fake from several different locations more than once in recent months.

What recommended, is to go straight to the site of the official browser either was to improve Google Chrome or to download Firefox, you are well advised to enter on the settings of the Microsoft Edge-use change Bing as the default search engine, and in any case, it is advised to check the legitimacy of the source of the different programs when you download them.

Source: Forbes

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