Storage capacity in iPhone or iPad full? Here are the best ways to increase storage capacity create extra space!

A complaint we hear repeatedly from users of phones iPhone and iPad which is related to the effectiveness of the storage capacity of the state and their inability to store more files than have to delete the files or get rid of the apps and games. In this article we will address one of the most important solutions to that problem, namely the cloud storage services!

Days cloud .. 5 GB is not enough!

Of the leading cloud storage services known to all users of devices Apple is days Cloud which offers free storage of 5 GB but its Of course not enough for a lot of users quickly is consumed by pictures and videos.

If you want to buy additional storage on the servers of Apple prices start from $ 1 per month capacity of 50 GB and $ 3 per capacity of 200 GB and $ 10 for a capacity of 2 TB and this is the best choice for you if you are a user of Apple since the service days cloud more balanced with it.

الاي كلاود .. 5 جيجابايت لا تكفي!

Google Wen / drive .. 15 GB free

Via your account on Google you can enjoy 15 GB Xen cloud storage is free, and you can get them easily by downloading the application Google Drive or Google Photos on your iPhone or your iPad. Also provide Google storage capacities greater involvement of monthly payments.

جوجل ون / درايف .. 15 جيجابايت مجانية

Additional benefits also to serve a Google Cloud the presence of the package Office applications, Google Docs/ Sheets/ Slides through which you can create and save files and share them online easily.

Meg, 50 GB free

Mega Mega is a cloud service the most generous terms allow free storage of 50 GB to store all kinds of files that you want with the properties of security such as insurance, through full consultation, and also provides storage capacities larger driven. You can download the app from this link.

You can access your files from any device or via a web browser, such as REST services, as there are capacity requirements driven by the start of the 400 GB at a price of $ 5 a month.

ميجا .. 50 جيجابايت مجانية

Microsoft OneDrive .. 5 GB free

Service Microsoft OneDrive gives free 5 GB of storage capacity, such as the IP Cloud, and the subscription in amplitude the higher you will also get to clash in the Group Office, Cloud Office 365, this feature may give this service an advantage from the other for some.

مايكروسوفت ون درايف .. 5 جيجابايت مجاناً

Other services..

We would also like to note to some of the other cloud services such as a service Box which gives 10 GB freeDropbox service that provides 2 GB only, and of course both provide capacities greater requirements driven.

Compared to the prices paid for some cloud services

If the storage capacities of the Asia Area provided by the previous service is not sufficient and does not suit you then you can think about buying storage capacities paid as described in the table annex, since the prices are almost close, then you have to put first in mind Services days cloud then the rest of the services.

مقارنة الأسعار المدفوعة لبعض الخدمات السحابية

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