Store Google Play is entitled to a return of ten times less than the Apple Store

According to a new Foundation Morgan Stanley financial services research, when the Apple TV for apps achieve the net profit from the sales of apps and games to four-fold compared to the store Google Play, and if we take into account the returns that are achieved on the basis of each device when the Apple App Store is dominated by a greater yield of up to ten-fold compared to the store Google Play.

In the first quarter of 2018, has seen the Apple App Store a profit of $ 0.44 USD per download while store Google Play $ 0.10 only, instead, the shape of each device 5.08 $ returns by using the Apple App Store during the first quarter compared to $ 0.47 USD only with shop Google Play.

Saw Apple growing by over 119% in the revenue made by the app from the App Store over the past four years, in which time there has been Play Store also offers rose its revenues by 14% during the same period.

Enjoying the Apple’s great advantage here, thanks to the access system run on the highlights of the games and applications by available on the Android platform, despite the fact that these numbers don’t affect us as users, it’s good to see how much contrast exists between the store software world-famous.

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