Store Mac App Store may get a new design this year

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Last year when Apple releases a iOS 11, and was one of the major improvements that the company has done is re-design the App Store App Store, this gave him a new design said to help improve application discovery. However, I didn’t get store Mac App Store on the same transaction, and therefore it is safe to say that it’s time for this store to turn on the new design.

The good news for users of MacOS is that it may change in the near future, according to a publication by John Gruber when he commented on an article again about some simple changes and made by Apple to follow iOS, he pointed out that these are changes that require it with the store Mac App Store also.

It also refers to the website 9to5mac, John Gruber is known that it activates some of the comments such as those referring to the plans Apple for the future. At the same time, does not necessarily have to be this rumor far-fetched, especially if we know that the changes obtained by the iOS app store App Store led to an increase in the number of conversions, which is something we’re sure that Apple want to apply it to the store MacOS as well.

Of course, in case if Apple are indeed planning to change the design of the store Mac App Store, they will most likely reveal the New Design Museum at its annual conference for developers WWDC 2018 to be held in the month of June next.


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